About us

Mercy exists for the glory of our Father, to experience His presence and share in making Him known. This is our why of existence. Our primary reason is God's glory, and not man's wants or desires. This means that while we study the cultural trends of the day and seek to understand the times, we are primarily God-centred and not seeker-sensitive in our approach to church. If we put God first, our other needs will be taken care of. Our heart is to build a "family atmosphere" where we experience His presence and word, and then seek to make Him known. 

Our vision is born out of the relationships and stories that have taken place within our community since we first began meeting in early 2012. Then we were a group of yet-to-be-friends, many of us in difficult spaces in our own lives and struggling to find God in the midst of it all. Now we are a growing church, seeking to thrive amidst the concrete and craziness of urban living. 



Worship is more than our time of singing when we gather. It is the direction in which our lives face, and that direction is God. Worship describes our response to love God with all that we are and it is something we seek both alone and together. We prioritise worship because we know that once all else disappears it will remain.


Community is our response to the command to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Community is the space and relationships in which our lives are formed and shared. We were made to be part of a bigger picture and we find more meaningful life when we engage in deep community - sharing not only our victories but our struggles as well.


Mission is joining God in His work within His world. It is the extension of His momentum in our lives so that we keep moving with Him, going to the people and places that matter to His heart. Mission is expressed in a multitude of ways from miraculous to mundane, in places from as close as here to as far as there. 


Scripture is that place we keep coming back to because it is a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom. We dive into it because it contains the truth that is necessary for life, the truth to measure all other truth against. Scripture keeps our lives pointed in the right direction - the source of all this truth - Jesus.


Prayer is connection. It is leaning in to God to share our hearts and hear his. It is crying out in desperation for change. It is resting in peace and contentment. It is asking the questions we dare not ask and hearing answers we could never expect. It is making requests. It is hearing requests. It is alone. It is together.


While we have listed these 5 words above, vision is very often an evolving picture that changes slowly with time rather than a static picture once stated.