Our Culture

Our Culture

Every family has a culture. Culture can be defined as a set of rules, attitudes or values (often unspoken) that govern the way people interact with one another and the outside world. It’s the values they hold dear, and the principles that guide them. As a church, our foundational guiding principle is simply Jesus, partnering with His life and mission. Summed up in His own words (my paraphrase): ‘Love God and love people’. When we unpack this, we must begin to ask how are we to do this? What are some of the ways that we can reflect this life in our local church?  What kind of culture do we want to build at Mercy?
I’ve been thinking about this a long time, and want to share 5 ways I think we can reflect the ‘way of Jesus’ in our church.

1. Teaching / Preaching – We can devote ourselves to the teaching and preaching of the Kingdom of God, knowing that these principles often directly contradict the ethic of the world we live in.
2. Loving / Connecting – Being intentional about making time for our community, loving everyone and reaching out to those in pain.
3. Worshipping – Centering our focus on Him and not on ourselves, enjoying all of creation as an act of worship.
4. Praying / Intimacy – Taking time to listen to our Father, hearing His words and going deeper in the Spirit.
5. Reaching / Mission – Understanding that the gospel, IS really good news. That people are broken, isolated and lost without connection to their Creator. That life without God is often hell. That Jesus’ last words were for us to go. How can we best reflect this mission as a church?

My heart for Mercy is not that we would be a flashy, slick, well oiled machine (no chance of that :-), but that we would love Jesus, experience His Spirit and make His love known. That’s it. I love the church. It’s a miracle. We are the visible, prophetic expression of a coming Kingdom. Wow. What a privilege, what a responsibility. What a joy…

Our hearts go out to Angie and Belinda Herbert, who lost their father this Wednesday. This last week seems to have been particularly hard for many of our Mercy family. But… we have His grace to endure, His power to overcome and His presence to thrive. Whatever you are facing this week, remember that God is with you and you are part of a family that loves you.

Love Mark

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