True North


To set a new standard for the education, nurture and holistic development of pre-school children and their caregivers, preparing them to assume the fullness of their God-given potential in every sphere of their lives.
True North is a Section 21 Company founded in 2007, prompted by the desire to bring meaningful change to vulnerable and underprivileged communities in South Africa through education, research and the sharing of technology.

At the time of inception, True North embarked upon a data gathering exercise aimed at better understanding the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, exploring the framework provided by local and national government, and quantifying the existing capacity within the non-profit sector.

Vrygrond and Overcome Heights are two of the most concentrated examples of the challenges that plague poverty-ridden communities in South Africa, and were destined to transition from research effort to a fully-fledged project, with Early Childhood Development (ECD) as the convergence point of the company’s current efforts. At last count, Vrygrond was home to some 42 000 people.

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