Thoughts about Healing

Thoughts about Healing – Lynne Visser

Mark did a great job, delving into the complex issues around Biblical Healing. Most of us, and certainly I, have conflicted experiences around praying for, and believing in, being healed, so often seeing wonderful believers die or just not get well. And yet reading all those Scriptures which seem to say differently.

I have walked this path on more than one occasion, and thought I would share a few bits and pieces.  5 years with bone marrow TB and a decade of botched surgery fallout.  I was sometimes told that my faith was obviously just not strong enough, or that I must have unrepented sin somewhere.  This did not help! My own faith journey with The Lord our Healer, was consistent and I tried everything The Book said to try.

Once, I walked a long and difficult journey and was then healed in a miraculous way. Once the journey was even longer and more difficult and God used cutting edge research to open gradual healing up.

Either way – His point in my life was
To “Learn to be content no matter what the circumstance.”
To let Him be a “Shield about me and The Lifter of my head’
Very Importantly, to teach me that all my talents and strengths are His Gifts and not innately mine. That what goes on inside is more important that what seems to be going on outside .
That like Shadrach, Messach and Abednigo – I can have absolute faith in saying “my God is able to save’. This doesn’t admit of the slightest doubt, whereas telling Him what to do always will.   This is perfect faith after all!

But you know all this don’t you?  That doesn’t mean it is easy.  For me, it meant years of singing through my tears, songs like “Trust and Obey ,there’s no other way”.  Of learning that each day brings new Words of guidance and strength so long as we rest in Him and let Him get on with doing what He has planned, which is of course always that good will come of whatever it is we go through.

A PS, but an important one, is that I have also seen someone declare emphatically that they will be healed and then died – thus leaving behind doubt and distrust, cynicism and ridicule.

Healing doesn’t depend on righteousness or on learning but on The Perfect Plans of God.
How we deal with it is up to us. What we say matters. It is about Who we put our trust in, not what we think He will do. Let’s not “waste our sorrows.”

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