Your Banner over us is Love Lord – Sarie Thom

Your Banner over us is Love Lord.
Therefore I speak peace to every existing and brooding storm over our lives in Jesus Name
I speak healing  into every broken heart
I speak a supernatural ability to forgive and set free in Jesus Name
I declare favour into every area of our lives
Let us be a people, Lord, who shows mercy, grace and kindness to one another and every one else that You send across our path.
Father God, You know what it is to lose a child,
You know the pain of betrayal and the price of forgiveness
Lord Jesus, You know what it is to lay down your life, even for those who have rejected you
You know the pain of total rejection and abandonment.
You know what it is to be separated from Your God and You know what utter despair is
Holy Spirit You know the pain of rejection
You know what it is to be an outcast,
to be denied every single day
Until the end of time
Yet, in all of this,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Never give up!!
Never stop
Calling, Knocking, Forgiving and Cleansing all who will turn
To accept Your Offer of Salvation.
Therefore, I speak courage, guts, perseverance and determination into every decision we make.
An ability to hear God when He Speaks
And a willingness to obey Him
An awareness of His presence and a heart
For the lost and down trodden
I speak over us, a desire to have a pure heart
And an ability to overcome the fear of man
I call forth a Holy fear of the Lord our God and Saviour to burn in our hearts
A fear that will bring about repentance
that will create in us a pure heart
May we never stop praising Him
Let the fragrance of our worship rise up to heaven
And be an acceptable offer unto You, Lord
Thank You that Your love is unconditional and eternal
In Jesus Name
(Sarie Thom)
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